I’m Joey and I’m on a mission to learn how to build better brands.

Having graduated from University in 2016, fully focused on developing my skills within brand identity and graphic design as a whole. I set out on a mission to experience everything the industry has to offer: ‘Studio Life’, ‘The Freelance Dream’ and ‘In House Madness’.

I’m currently on the third stage of that, building a great US brand and visuals for the travel-tech company FlixMobility. When I’m not behind a screen, you’ll find me exploring new cities and places, chilling in my local cafe with a book or down in the gym (burning off the food I just ate).


The values that drive me

Take off the mask 🤡

No bullshit, just be yourself. I try to emulate this attitude within my branding work, expressing a brands core values through great, creative design work.

Bring the fire 🔥

It takes a great deal of passion and hard work to set your creativity alight. I bring all of my passion for the projects I tackle unless I’ve yet to have coffee then, please don’t talk to me.

Lend a helping hand 🖐

Collaboration and co-operation are two skills that I’m proud to have. Helping a friend, colleague or even a client out can a long way, I never underestimate the value of being friendly and helpful.

Let the good times roll 🥁

What’s that saying? “all work and no play makes Joey a dull boy”. I consider myself truly lucky to be able to call what I do, my work, I have so much fun doing it!


2018 - Present

Graphic Designer - FlixMobility GmbH

In house designer at one of Europe’s leading travel-tech brands. I was presented with the (ongoing) challenge to establish a successful visual style for the brand's launch and expansion into the US market.

2017 - 2018

Freelance Identity Designer - Joey Owst

I wanted to get a feel for the freelance, designer in a coffee shop life. It was a huge challenge, working with over 50 clients internationally, I developed a range of professional communication skills, whilst building an amazing portfolio of identity projects.

2016 - 2017

Graduate Designer - StrawberryToo

After graduating from university, I landed my first full-time job as a designer in a studio. I spent time honing my raw design skills and working face-to-face with local clients on a range of branding, graphic, website and print projects.


Brand Identity Design

Logo Design

Graphic Design

Image Manipulation & Compositing

Style Guides

Design for Print


Vehicle Livery

Motion Graphics (Basic)


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